***Do keep in mind that for the patterns I’ve used (and posted) from ravelry, a membership (free) is required.  It’s easy to get registered.  You just sign up – and then they send you an invitation to be a member and then that’s it!***  I recommend it because it gives you access to great patterns, groups, and tips! 

So, I’m not really sure how this is going to work but I’m going to add patterns here – once I figure it out! 😉

I figured it out! 🙂

Here’s something I found pretty cool.  It’s a map of knitting shops.

Here’s one – this is the Harry Potter Scarf, though I’ve tweeked it by casting on 70 stitches which was probably about 15 stitches to many.  It is for a man – whereas the recipe is for a child – I think.

I used this pattern to make the scratch mitts but I didn’t make the hat…yet!

This is the baby sweater pattern I got from lettuce knit.  I’m working on size 6 -9 months.


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