First let me define post partum depression for you.  According to my go-to site (Wikipedia) Post partum depression is a form of clinical depression which can affect women  after childbirth.  It usually starts in the first few months, and may last up to several months or even a year. Symptoms include sadness, fatigue, changes in sleeping and eating patterns, reduced libido, crying episodes, anxiety, and irritability. It is sometimes assumed that postpartum depression is caused by a lack of vitamins, but studies tend to show that more likely causes are the significant changes in a woman’s hormones during pregnancy.

Now, a postpartum appointment happens 6 weeks after childbirth and according to it is an appointment to make sure you are recovering well (physically and emotionally) after delivering your baby. Now, these are what is part of a standard postpartum checkup:  your doctor will perform a complete physical and ask you questions about your recovery and your baby; this is also a good time to ask your doctor any questions you have about your recovery, postpartum depressionbreastfeeding,formula feeding or anything else that’s on your mind.  They will check your weight and blood pressure to make sure it is back to normal.  Next, your uterus and breasts will be checked to make sure they have returned to its normal size by six weeks postpartum, even though your stomach muscles may still feel slack. Your doctor will also feel your abdomen to check for tenderness and your breasts for lumps or abnormal nipple discharge. If you are breastfeeding, he or she will make sure you don’t have any clogged ducts or the beginnings of a breast infection (mastitis). Your doctor will check to be sure your perineum is healing if you had an episiotomy or tore during delivery. During the internal exam, he or she will also check to make sure any bruises, scratches, or tears to your cervix or vagina are healing properly. He or she will also feel your ovaries and check your vaginal muscle tone.  The topic of sex and contraception will be discussed as getting pregnant again is very easy after having your baby.  Your emotional health will be brought up – how you are feeling and adjusting,  how the baby is doing, and if you are experiencing any postpartum depression. This is a good time to bring up any questions or concerns you have that he or she hasn’t addressed.  As well, some lab tests may be done.  He or she may also perform a Pap smear at this visit.

Now, let me tell you what happened at my postpartum appointment! Nothing!!!

I went down to the hospital for my appointment, with my mother and daughter in tow!  I checked in and waited about 15 minutes before being called in.  Great right?  Pretty quick for a ObGyn!  So, I was weighed – I won’t divulge that info! 😉 My blood pressure was taken, back to my normal 100 over 70.  And the nurse asked how I was feeling, how I was adjusting, and about contraception.  Then, she gave me a hug and said “hope to see you soon!  Good luck with everything and take care.  The doctor will be in soon.”  Ok, we figured it was about 11:05am we should be out soon.  At 11:45am my daughter started to get very hungry.  I’m not breasfeeding and was hoping to be able to leave to go home and feed her but the nurse said I had to wait.  I then searched for hot water to warm up her bottle.  At 12:20pm (almost 2 hours in) my mom left to wait in the car to avoid getting a ticket.  At 12:25 – the doctor (as wonderful as she is) finally came in and asked me how I was feeling and adjusting and about contraception.  Then she gave me a hug and said “hope to see you soon!  Good luck with everything and take care. It’s been a pleasure getting to know you”.  Umm! Excuse me?! Where’s my internal?  Where’s my abdomen check? Where’s my breast check?  I sat here for 2 hours to have the same conversation twice – which only lasted 5 minutes – and to have my blood pressure checked?!?! I could have gone to the drugstore checked my blood pressure myself, called with the result and talked to you about how I was feeling!!! What a waste of time!

Thanks for letting me vent! 😛


April Fool

I don’t have any pranks, tricks, or jokes – just couldn’t think of a good title! 😛

I’m sitting at my computer quietly typing away as my baby sleeps in the baby bjorn strapped to my body.  I’m playing ocean sounds on youtube to keep her in a state of blissful sleep.  Apparently, babies go right into the REM cycle and for the first 25 minutes of sleep are easily woken.  As we have a dinner to get to in an hour, I’m trying to keep her sleeping for 30 minutes – this way she will have passed from the easily woken cycle (25 minutes) into the deep sleep cycle (another 25 minutes).  I have become a temporary slave to my daughter!

She really likes to be held, which is wonderful – but then I can’t do anything.  I know I shouldn’t always hold her but right now…as they say, you can’t spoil a newborn!  Having her in the baby bjorn allows her to ‘be held’/close to me, and keeps my hands free to get some “work” done (tidying up, emailing, ect) and then once she’s fast asleep I lie her down and then I lie down.  Next week, she’ll be 6 weeks and we’re going to start sleep training her.  I’m not quite sure what that is (the clear definition) but basically we’re going to put her down before she’s asleep and if she cries we’ll let her cry for 5 minutes or so, so she can start to develop the ability to self soothe.  Right now she sleeps in a bassinet in our room and we’ll keep it that way for a bit longer, but self soothing is important for her growth, development, and future ability to deal with life.  We won’t get into the psychology of child rearing here but there’s also the topic of delaying gratification.

Anyhoo, it is definitely hard hearing her cry when she’s upset as we can’t fix it.  But like any new parent, we run through the list – wet? hungry? bored? overstimulated? hot? cold? tired? overtired? gassy? Lately it’s been overtired.

I’m approaching my 30 minute mark so I’ll be going! Take care!

Twenty days and growing

Hello blogging world!  It’s been almost a month since I’ve last posted and things have been busy!!  Let me first say, that we had a beautiful baby girl on February 24th weighing in at 6 pounds 7 ounces.  I had the epidural – and will definitely do it again! 😛

Let me tell you about my adventure.  On February 22nd I went for my last ultrasound and they found that my amniotic fluid was low and they also saw a 6cm by 6cm mass outside my uterus near my liver.  So, my OBGYN said she wanted to induce on the 25th and they would deal with the mass after my delivery.  Because the mass was outside my uterus it posed no risk to the baby.  My husband and I were very excited!!! We were going to have a baby that week!  We didn’t have much time to make sure all our t’s were crossed and i’s dotted.  My official due date was for March 3rd (according to the doctor, March 1st according to me), so I was going to be a bit early and certainly wanted to be prepared! On the 24th I got all my phone calls taken care of and errands done.  I finished and put away all the laundry and then stopped to have lunch.  About 30 minutes after eating, I felt very sick.  I started having excruciating pain in my abdomen that wasn’t stopping.  I knew it wasn’t labour because labour comes in waves.  I started throwing up and managed to call my husband at work and have him sent home.  My mom also called me while he was on his way but I was in agony and told her to call him – I just couldn’t concentrate on the pain and talking to her!  By the time my husband came home the pain had been going on for over an hour nonstop, and he & my mom wanted me to go to the hospital but I couldn’t walk because of the pain.  So…an ambulance took me down.  I’d never been in one before, and though it was a bit bumpy it was kind of cool! 🙂  Once we got to the hospital I was sent right up to labour and delivery where they proceeded to tell me I wasn’t in labour.  D’uh!  I told them  I knew that!  I had now been in constant excruciating pain for almost 3 hours!  By the 4th hour they gave me morphine – they said because I wasn’t in labour it was safe for me to take as it wouldn’t affect the baby.  By 10 pm, we were waiting to find out if I was going to have an ultrasound to see if the pain was associated with the mass.  I was comfortable as the morphine I had taken at 6pm was still working.  I told my husband and mom to go home and I would keep them posted.  Well,  at 11:30pm the pain came back with a vengeance but… it was coming in waves.  The nurse took a look at told me that I was 2 cm dilated and was in labour! Whoohoo!  She said I was feeling the pain because the morphine had worn off and did I was an epidural.  Yes please!

At 2am I texted my husband to tell him that we were going to have a baby that day (the 24th) and he came right back down (he wasn’t able to sleep anyway, as he was worried about me).  By 5:30 a.m. I was 7 cm and messaged my dad to tell him that we may have a baby by 9 a.m.  The doctor came in at 10 a.m. and noticed that the baby’s head was facing up and for a proper delivery babies heads need to face down.  So the doctor put her hand in and started to turn the baby’s head while I pushed!  An hour later it was time to start pushing her out and after 30 minutes out she came!  My husband was a great coach, my mom (who had arrived at 10:30 a.m.) watched the whole delivery, and because the hospital I was at is a teaching hospital I had 2 doctors, 2 nurses, and 2 interns in the small delivery room with me!  It was very busy!!!

They put the baby on my chest and then gave a quick bath and handed her to my husband while I tried to push out the placenta.  Well, after about 25 minutes I couldn’t push it out myself so I went off to the operating room where the doctor pulled with one hand and the nurse pushed down on stomach to ‘deliver’ it.  If you recall, I went into the hospital with agonizing abdominal pain so the nurse pushing felt like a jagged knife being driven into my stomach and tearing its way through.  It was awful!  After all that, I was placed in a recovery room where my dad, mom, and husband showed up with my beautiful daughter.  I sent my husband home to rest and I recovered.  On the 25th (Friday) I went and had an ultrasound and a CT scan to find this mass and see if it was causing my problems.  Well folks, the mass was gone!!!  No one knows what it was or where it went but it’s gone!  They figure that the pushing to get out the placenta could have broken down whatever it was.  We went home on the 26th and that is my story!

I feel like I’ve recovered and now we are learning about our daughter as she learns about us and herself.  It’s a real learning curve and it’s great to have the support of family, friends, and of course my husband!  I tell you, it’s weird to go from being an independent working woman to a stay at home mom with stay at home mom duties!  Now that I have a daughter I feel different, and am completely in love with my husband!  He’s changed too!  He feels the added sense of responsibility,  the love, the joy, and he races home just to see her!

I do hope to start knitting again soon…otherwise I may have to change the purpose of this blog to being about my daughter! 😀

Guess who’s….

knitting again?  It’s me!  So, I know I haven’t written in a while – it’s been busy, crazy, stressful, exciting…

Nonetheless,  let me bring you up to speed.  I stopped working last Wednesday afternoon (the 9th) as I had really had enough!  My doctor was also concerned about some tests results I’d had.  Two weeks my blood pressure was up (not a lot but up for me) to 130 over 80, and there was +1 protein in my urine.  I don’t know what the +1 means (I guess a bit of protein).  This can be a sign of pre-eclampsia.  My doctor didn’t seem to be too worried but was concerned.  She said that once I stopped working things should get better.  Last week I went back to the doctor (once I got into my last month, I go every week) and my blood pressure was the same and still had +1 of protein in my urine.  So, here we are at this week.  I went to the doctor on Tuesday (2 days ago) and my blood pressure was 128 over 90 (now my doctor was getting concerned) and I had +2 of protein in my urine.  All my blood work though, has been ok – no signs of organ distress.  She preferred me to come back to the hospital today to have my blood pressure checked.  So, off we went to the hospital today.  They had to check my bp 4 times over 40 minutes (that’s once every 10 minutes-for all you math whizzes).  The first 3 were good – 122 over 80, and she wasn’t going to do the 4th but protocol is protocol, the 4th went up to 124 over 90.  The nurse actually looked at me and said “What did you do?” lol!  My normal blood pressure is actually 100 over 70.  So, she checked my urine which had gone up from Tuesday to +3 of protein and called the doctor.  The doctor said to check the baby and check my bp again and go from there.  So, the nurse put the monitor on my stomach for about an hour.  The baby’s heart beat was good and my place pressure was still high but since I had no other symptoms (blurry vision, increased swelling, abdominal pain) I was sent home.  So, I go back to the hospital on Tuesday (in 5 days) and then we’ll talk about possibly inducing me next week.

So, that’s the pregnancy scoop!  Oh, and I’ve been nauseous for almost a week now.  Someone recently said because I didn’t have morning sickness during my pregnancy, I’m having nausea now.  Who knows!  It’s a pain – makes the day quite uncomfortable.

Back to Guess who’s… I’m knitting!  It’s been a while since I’ve knitted as it felt like little needles were actually going through my fingers as I knit.  But the other day I picked up the needles again and am working through the booties I started a while ago.  It’s going okay though my hands still tingle and don’t close properly but at least I’m knitting!  It will certainly keep me occupied while I wait for baby!

That’s all for now! Clickety clack!

Ready to put my feet up!

I am definitely ready to start my leave! I’m tired, as is to be expected in this last month and change, my hands and feet hurt, and I’m a bit of a b*tch! 😉
Work is going well but I know that my position won’t get filled before I leave. Which is stressing me out! The company I work for has 3 other homes also looking for social workers and so in total 2 are temp and 2 are permanent so you can imagine where most of the resumes are going! I know that once I leave there’s nothing I can do, but it puts me in a position of having to get things more ready and more organized to cover a potentially long gap! As I get bigger and more uncomfortable – I’m now 35 weeks – it’s harder to get organized and go through my files. When I bend over I get horrible heartburn and become very winded! What is funny is how I write little notes for myself and when I look back at them – even 10 minutes later, I have no idea what I was talking about or meant!
I’m definitely feeling emotional/overwhelmed/some feeling I can’t explain, but in my usual stride I keep my head up and go forward! I had quite an experience at work today!

Working through the big ‘To Do’

So, this past Monday after our prenatal class I had TERRIBLE round ligament pain. Round ligament pain is an explanation of the pain you feel when your uterus starts going through a growth spurt. It feels like stitches (from a good workout/walk) up your side(s). I’ve had it before and it wasn’t too bad…this was bad. It lasted 45 minutes and my husband had to coach me through breathing! Well, we learned two things from this episode. 1-we should get our hospital bag ready, and 2-you really do need someone to remind you to breath through pain! So, we went through our pile of unwashed baby clothes and decided what to bring with us. It was exciting! We packed one package of newborn diapers and wipes, 3 receiving blankets and a baby blanket, 3 long sleeve onesies, 1 newborn pyjama and 2 0-3 months pyjamas, a white pyjama/outfit that I got from L at the baby shower that has a duck on the front, and a very thick snowsuit type outfit. We still need some socks and diaper cream. Quite a lot of stuff for a little baby for 2 days!!! Well, I washed those clothes and that was exciting! Now to pack myself and some things for my husband, and the overnight bag will be complete! Next – paint and furnish!

Hiccups and snow!

The baby has been hiccuping on a regular basis – at least twice a day – it’s pretty cool!  It feels like regularly timed little kicks, or jumping beans!  Things are progressing as they should – work, prenatal class, home…baby!

The hubby and I are off to Collingwood, ON tomorrow (not a secret location P! lol)to stay at a chalet right near Blue Mountain.  Actually, sitting on the balcony you can actually see people skiing down the hill.  It’s really nice and quiet!  I expect there to be a couple of feet of snow!  It’s going to be nice to get away, since this will more than likely be our last weekend away before the baby comes!

I’m off to bed and wanted to add this youtube video, for no other reason than I like hippos and like the video! 🙂