Dec. 3/09:  Today I donated a HUGE bag of wool and some needles to a women’s shelter and they were very grateful.  They’re called Women’s Habitat and they run out of a small blue building in South Etobicoke.  Apparently, one of the staff there is a knitter and sewer (is that right?) and gives knitting and sewing lessons!

Jan. 29/09:  Since my mom was so thrilled with the beret I made for her, she wanted me to make her a few more hats.  She thought that if she wore them out/to school/to visit friends than people may ask her where she got it and she could say her daughter made them and that I could make one for them too.  Now as you know, I haven’t even been knitting for a year yet but am really enjoying it! By no means am I an expert but I’m following along.  So we thought that if people wanted me to make them a hat I would charge 30$ with material for basic (plain) wool and donate 5$ to a charity.  If that happens, what charity do YOU think I should donate to?

Dec. 25/08:  Another organization that does great things is the Toronto People With AIDS Foundation.  They help people with HIV and AIDS with a food bank, vitamins, assistance; gain access to better housing, better doctors, financial help and develop better resources.

Oct. 28/08: L and I now have a total of 8 scarves.  We would have had 9 but one of them was so nice and beautiful that it was perfect for L-she did make it after all-so she has decided to keep it.  I’m very much in love with the grey/black/green scarf and would like to keep that for myself but I don’t know if I will or not.  Well, nonetheless here is the new batch of photos.  We still have time before the American thanksgiving though we have had a mini snow last week-only a few flakes!

So, it goes the scarf that L is keeping, black/grey/fluffy red stripe scarf, crayola box small scarf, light blue/mint green scarf, and stocking stitch pink/purple scarf that curled!

Aug. 23rd/08: L and I now have 5 scarves that are done and ready to go. We’d like to have at least 10 done by American Thanksgiving or the first snow-whichever comes first! 😉

Here are the first 3 scarves we’ve done.

So I’ve now finished my first scarf that will be given to either a homeless person or to an abused womens shelter. It’s the grey/black/green stripe scarf. I also started the next one today which is going to be grey/black/cranberry stripe. L, has finished 3 as well-a butterscotch one, a more light brown one, and a stripy pink and purple one that she did in stockinette stitch.

I think we’re going to donate them to red door, It’s a family shelter for those who have experienced violence.


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