Bearpig’s grumbles


Jan. 20/10: When people cut their nails at work/on the subway/in public! 

Nov. 22/09: When I say hello/good morning/good evening/smile/nod my head to my neighbours and they look like me like I ripped off my head, shoved it somewhere deep and threw it back up into their lap!

Oct. 1/09: When people on facebook tell every ounce of their life as though no one is watching.  And then wonder why people ‘screw’ them over!

Aug. 26/09: Being crammed on the subway (or bus) and feeling someone’s breath on your neck/arm/head…

Jan. 28th/09:  When my back is in spasm during a winter storm, with heavy boots and a back up!

Nov. 10th/08:  When people bud in front of you, especially older people.  Because they’ve been around longer and know about the budding rules!

Nov. 3rd/08: When you’re walking behind someone up the escalator (or down) and then they stop like 6 (moving) steps from the top!!! Why don’t they just walk the whole way?

Oct. 31/08: When I’m knitting in class or on the bus and I drop a stitch!!!

Oct. 22/08: It really urks me when I call a store to ask something, they answer the phone and after hearing my question they say… “sorry, we’re closed”…if you’re closed than why did you answer the phone?!

Oct. 15/08: It seems like my knitting addiction is getting the better of me. I have a major paper to write and no drive to do it-nothing new! But, I’d rather knit! I’m completely exhausted…full moon…and can’t get off this darn internet to put my paper into substantial words that flow to make a sentence! 🙂

Oct. 10/08: When you call technical support and you end up speaking to someone who speaks a different language than I do!!! I don’t mind speaking to someone who speaks a different language than I do but when I already am having difficulty with something technical, speaking to someone who isn’t here and has a strong accent (French/Indian/Philipino/soft speaker/mumbler) makes understanding how to fix my problem even more of a challenge.

Oct. 3/08: When strangers think that just because you practice good manners, it’s an invitation to start a conversation.

Sept. 13/08: So, I’m currently in Worcester MA visiting family. My mom and I were in the elevator last night of the hotel when we witness American ignorance. Now I’m not saying all Americans share this ignorance but it is a practice in some parts of the states. This young gentleman (about 14-17) asked where we were from and we said Canada, Toronto. Oh! He said and looked surprised, then continued to say ‘you don’t look it!’. HUH?! “What do you mean we don’t look it? Should we be wearing snow suits or something?) we replied…..’uh, ya’ he said!!!! OMG! D’oy! Need I say more?

Aug. 19/08: L and I were talking the other day about some fashion choices. Now I know that isn’t knitting but it is in the same family! What is with the skinny pant?! But most importantly what is with the skinny pant and the baggy bum?! Why not just go all skinny? Or all baggy? We were perplexed!

Aug. 15/08: So yesterday I started to tell my aunt about the lovely world of blogging and knitting. Well, she shot me down so fast I didn’t even get out “I’ve started a knitting b…”. Needless to say, I was pissed. Still am actually! Grrrr!


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