Want a quick way to lose thirty pounds? Get pregnant, wait almost ten months, go into labour and delivery, wait a few weeks and… Voila! Want a quick way to feel like a complete moron? Get pregnant, wait almost ten months, deliver an absolutely perfect child ( cause it’s yours), and start reading parenting books […]

Burning eyes

Have you ever been so tired that your eyes feel cold and like they’re burning?  That’s how my eyes feel right now!  The grey rainy weather certainly doesn’t help.  My wee little babe is 9 weeks old now and sleeping longer at night…but we’re not as lucky during the day.  Some days she takes a […]

Slave to a six week old!

Yes it’s true! I’m a slave to a 6 week old! It’s 2:28 am and I’m standing in the dark in my living in my pj’s with my baby strapped into the baby bjorn which (as previously mentioned) is strapped to my body. I’m thumbing away on my apple itouch and swaying back and forth […]