Hello World!  To introduce myself, I was a “knew” knitter when I started this blog! 😉  I am self taught and  started about in May 2008 and would like to share with you. Any questions, trials & tribulations you may have or suggestions are welcome!  I am a recently graduated Social Worker (April 2009) . I took up knitting when my grandmother (a veteran knitter) ended up in the hospital. I’m also a companion for a 70 year old woman, L, who also enjoys knitting. She (along with a few of her knitting books) has given me some great tips to learn on.

I decided to start this blog to document my progress, learn from others, and see if others can learn from me! I’m also hoping that L will take part in the lessons-and photography of our projects that we do together. It was actually L’s idea to donate/make scarfs for charity! She’s so wonderful! 🙂

Dec. 31/08:  I have taken a beginner’s knitting class with my mom at lettuce knit in Kensington Market, after I had already knit 2 or 3 scarves.  I got some great pointers!  I have also had 2 or 3 private lessons over the past 3 months when I’ve been stumped with a pattern or how to turn a 2 needle project into a 4 needle project.  I’ve also found youtube to be very helpful!  When I wanted to learn how to knit with double pointed needles, they showed me how!  In the new year I’d like to learn how to knit continental!  That’s where the wool is coming from the left hand!

September 19/ 09:  In the past few weeks/months I’ve decided that I want to write everyday.  The problem with that is I don’t have that much daily progress, which has let me to share other aspects of my life with you!

Dec. 30/10:  This past year has been quite busy for me – started my career, got married, got pregnant!  So, the other aspects of my life have grown as well!  Especially at this time, since I can’t knit, I’ll continue to talk about my pregnancy and other things that creep up that I want to share!  You’re welcome to drop me a topic anytime! 😉

June 19/11:  This blog has grown as my life has changed.  I began cooking more – I blogged about it.  I had a baby – and I’m blogging about that!  I am still trying to knit, though I don’t really have the time to right now!  So, Bearpig’s knitting is more about pieces of my life that are ‘knit’ together! lol! 😀


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