Knitting gets in your veins!

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve written here! And sure enough, I have picked up my needles. Of course, when I left this blog I had knitted baby booties and scratch mitts and then that was that for quite a long time. I recently picked up my needles again in late august while at the cottage. I was bored…my mom brought hers up – not that she knits anymore – and I picked up her stuff, and got the bug back! After that, I knit my first pair of mittens for the little one…and since I got a sewing machine, I even sewed in a fleece liner! It also seemed like a good idea to attach an icord to the mittens so she wouldn’t lose them! Next i made this amazing hat for her to keep her warm! And now I’m working on a pair of socks!

Well, that’s it for the knitting! Just being a mom, working, and building my private counselling practice! 🙂 Let me know if you’re interested in learning more about what I’m up to!

I’ll keep you posted and happy knitting!

mittens IMG_2718

It’s time to move

First let me say, I will be back but since I’ve swapped my needles for diapers and my wool for coos, it seems off topic to just write about my baby and nothing about my clickety clackety. Which is one reason why I haven’t put up new posts.
I’m going to be starting a new blog and you can follow me there. I will be starting that blog with some of my baby posts from here (yorkvillepurls) and then continuing.
I hope to pick up my sticks again and when I do I will write about it here and add a link from the new blog so you’ll know.
My new address is

Take care!
It’s been wonderful sharing with you these past few years!

A bientot!


Want a quick way to lose thirty pounds? Get pregnant, wait almost ten months, go into labour and delivery, wait a few weeks and… Voila!

Want a quick way to feel like a complete moron? Get pregnant, wait almost ten months, deliver an absolutely perfect child ( cause it’s yours), and start reading parenting books and listening to “well meaning” advice of others!

A questionable adventure

Hello strange world! I have no idea where new moms would find the time to blog everyday or how in the U.S. you’re back at work within 3 months. Between being tired (though not nearly as much as in the beginning) and being ruled by the total crazy upheaval that is a first born, my life – my time – is completely turned around! I plan my day around my new schedule! Her routine, and working within it, is not only important for me to maintain it but it makes things easier. I’m not going to plan to go out at the same time I know she’ll be ready to go down for a nap because she’ll be cranky and miserable and then I won’t enjoy myself! As she’s growing I’m learning! Being a moderate type A personality I can tell you that the need for organization, schedules/plans, and a well thought out to do list isn’t possible with a baby! That has so far been one of the most frustrating lessons… I never know what’s next! I’m learning to go with the flow more and have to accept that right now I can’t do everything I’d like to do in a day! Some babies are easier-don’t want to be held a lot; some babies are harder-cry all the time; bottom line is, in the beginning you’re working around them! I’ve had so many people say-oh, the first six months are the worst! Don’t worry it gets easier after that! At least I know I’m not alone!

So, the other day I went to my first mom and baby group! It was really good! I enjoyed it! My daughter was one of 6 other baby girls and one boy. The youngest was 3 months, 3 (including mine) were 4 months, there were two 5 month olds, and a six month old. There were toys and songs and of course conversation! We talked about some frustrations and some cures for gas 🙂 Then at the end we sang some songs! I’ll go back! The women seemed nice and I’m looking forward to the next one!

At one point I had to change her and she was crying and there was another baby being changed beside her, and she put her hand out to my daughter so she would stop crying. It was very cute.

Tummy Time

And now… for the questionable adventure part of my post.  So, last weekend my sister-in-law, her husband and their 4 kids (9 years down to 6 months) moved to Addis Ababa in Ethiopia.  Why?  No, not for work.  No, not cause he’s from there.  No, not with their religious group or for religious reasons.  No, no, no, whatever you are going to ask.  A simpler life – maybe.  The REAL answer none of us are really sure why.  They’ve been there for one week.  Their flight left Toronto 2 hours late and therefore they missed their connecting flight and had to sit at the connection for 6 hours instead of 3.  When they got to Ethiopia, they could not find/retrieve his computer (which he needs for work – with it he was going to be able to continue to work for his employer that’s based here through the internet) nor could they find/retrieve the baby’s playpen/crib.  As the week has gone by, some progress has been made – the kids have been enrolled in school for when it starts … September?  We’re hoping they’ll be home by Christmas.  😛

Burning eyes

Have you ever been so tired that your eyes feel cold and like they’re burning?  That’s how my eyes feel right now!  The grey rainy weather certainly doesn’t help.  My wee little babe is 9 weeks old now and sleeping longer at night…but we’re not as lucky during the day.  Some days she takes a few good naps during the day, and some days she doesn’t.  The days she doesn’t lead me to desperation when I turn to the babybjorn so I can get things done and hopefully get her to sleep.  My days have turned into me thinking, calculating, and planning when poops, naps, feedings and how much, happened and will happen.  Do I eat lunch?  Nope!  Do I bathe or brush my teeth? Not usually! 😛  But with each day brings more smiles, more eye contact, more pleasure and comfort in my new role, and more confidence that I’m getting the hang of things.  It’s amazing that amidst all my worries and concerns (and 20 years of child care experience), it’s my husband who says “don’t worry, we’re doing everything right, and it will be ok.  Just  be patient.  She’s a baby and getting adjusted”.    I call the doctor when I notice her poop looks more like snot then poo.  I call the doctor when her poop is watery.  I call the doctor when she toots.  I call the doctor to prescribe me some ativan! 😉  Actually, all I’ve really been taking is extra-strength tylenol and going for massages.

I started doing yoga this past weekend and am hoping that with stretching, heating pads, and constantly reminding myself to lower my shoulders that my back will start to feel better.  Bit by bit I want to get my body back in shape!

Slave to a six week old!

Yes it’s true! I’m a slave to a 6 week old! It’s 2:28 am and I’m standing in the dark in my living in my pj’s with my baby strapped into the baby bjorn which (as previously mentioned) is strapped to my body. I’m thumbing away on my apple itouch and swaying back and forth & side to side so she’ll go to sleep and in turn I’ll go to sleep. She got up at 12:45 am and my husband changed her and I fed her. She was fussy and didn’t seem ‘in the mood’ to sit still and take her bottle. After an hour she was still wide eyed and being held was apparently not on her agenda. I laid her in her crib and that lasted about ten minutes. Then I made another bottle and she didn’t want that. My husband finally got up and took her but… she didn’t want that. I thought maybe laying down beside me and not being held might do the trick. So, we got in bed. After ten seconds her eyes started to close! Yes!!! She was going to fall asleep and so was I! Wishful thinking! She quickly opened her eyes and started to cry. Maybe she has gas? So, out came the gripe water. And as a final solution… the back breaker! The baby bjorn was put on at an ungodly hour to ensure my daughter would go to sleep! Sure enough as I thumb away on the touch screen, she’s sleeping. Now I have to pee! Well, off I go to the bathroom baby et al! You can come too!

Here lies the next question-sit and fall asleep on the sofa or stay awake long enough to put her in her bassinet and crawl into bed, wait till round 2 where I tap my husband on the back and say ‘babe, your turn’!